Create a life and business you love!

The best coaches in the world have a deep understanding of their client's challenges and help design specific solutions to help you make the necessary adjustments you need to break through the barriers and behaviors that have been holding you back.  

Just as the best sports coaches have both personal experience and a keen intuition to understand the mental and physical challengees of their athletes, Staci Wallace uses her unique life experiences, 30 years of Executive Leadership and 25 years of ministerial wisdom and authority to get a deep sense of your needs and then create a plan to help you in your personal and professional journey. 

Staci is already a proven expert when it comes to lifelong learning and stays at the top of her game by being an active business leader, dedicated spiritual voice and a keen investor in technologies, systems and training that helps her stay at the top of her game AND YOURS.

Access to Staci's proprietary and proven strategies along with her deep wisdom grounded in Bibilical Success is what sets her coaching apart from all of the rest. 

Private or group coaching with Staci Wallace will help you create a culture of excellence that will become the standard for every area of your life. When this type of dedication to becoming your personal best happens, you begin to build a life by design that is intentional in every way.

If you’re ready to step out of where you have been and into a life of purpose, passion and intentional productivity, now is the time to get started. You will truly be amazed at how much life has to offer you that you have never thought possible before. Don’t wait another day to make today the day you step into a life of limitless potential!

9-week Transformation Program - (Group Training)

During this 9 week online course, you’ll take a deep and honest look at your life purpose, people, finances, health, business, family, spirituality and what it will take to make SHIFT HAPPEN so that you can build a life and business you love.

In each week's session, we will work through one of 7 areas of strategic focus to help you build a life by design.  Goals without a plan are nothing more than wishful thinking.  Goals, however, with a strategic plan, accountability and action will bring results.

To be considered for the SHIFT HAPPENS coaching program, you must be ready to be challenged and committed to making necessary changes that bring about new results.  If you are ready to shed old behaviors, learn new strategies and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS, click the link below to fill out an application for consideration.

9 hours of coaching
$1500 with group, downloadable course, private messaging access. (Can be made in 3 increments of $500)

1X1 Private Coaching With Staci Wallace

1-on-1 online coaching fees with Staci start at $500 per one-hour session and each session is specifically focused on the personal and professional needs of her clients.  Whether your dream is to becme a professional speaker, write your own book, increase sales or learn to better lead your family, this private opportunity to be coached by Staci will be dramatically transformational.  

Staci is currently accepting new personal coaching clients on a VERY limited basis with pre-screening. To engage in 1-on-1 coaching with Staci, or for ongoing monthly packages and corporate coaching, please fill out the form and a representative will call you for more information.

$500/ hour

Here's What Our Graduates Are Saying
"Staci Wallace gives you a strategic game plan with clear instructions as to how you can capture, enjoy and benefit from God's mission for your life. Staci will enable you to understand and believe that God can and will make something marvelous out of your life."    - Zig Ziglar, Motivational Speaker, and Best Selling Author

"This group coaching experience has really caused an awakening in my life. I am more active with my family and more connected with my boys and I am now making sure I do everything with intentional purpose in my life. My wife has noticed that I am more active with the family and around the house (without complaint) and I can already see the change in my boys. In business, my confidence has increased dramatically and it has really amazed me at the result in just a few weeks of coaching. I thank you so much Staci and more importantly, my family thanks you too! You truly are an amazing person and I am so honored to know you and to be able to call you my Coach and now my friend.  - J.B., Logistics Analyst

"Staci posseses a God-ordained inner light which can be seen the moment she walks in a room. Her leadership style is one focused on being a servant, coach, and friend. I've learned a lifetime of lessons from her in all aspects of my life - mind, body, and spirit. She has been my confidant and spiritual coach in both good and challenging times. No matter where she goes, massive success appears for those surrounding her. If I had to choose one person in the world to go into battle with it would be Staci Wallace."    - J.M, - Entrepreneur, Business Owner

"When I came to Staci, I was a wreck.  I was a Sr. Customer Service rep for a major mobile operator and my job created a lot of stress and negativity.  I weighed 330 pounds and was told by doctors that I would probably not live to see my 41st birthday. That is when I started coaching sessions with Staci Wallace.  I quit my job, moved across the United States, and risked all I had for the hope that God would use Staci's coaching to bring significant and lasting change to my life.   I can't even put into words the impact Staci's coaching has had on my life.  In 17 months, I have lost 175 pounds.  I have a new sense of purpose, destiny, and joy for the future.  Thank you, Staci, for not only changing my life but for saving my life and helping me see that God can use the worst of my past to bring the best out in others!"     -D.G., Sr. Customer Service Supervisor

"Staci is the type of coach who empowers leaders from her own history of experience and success.  Having been an elite athlete and sales leader, Staci knows what it takes to win championships and lead effective teams.  She empowers those she works with to move with consistent teamwork, servant leadership, and unparalleled strategy.  Though she has had tremendous success in sports, business, and life, the quality that stands out the most is her heart, passion, and love for people. Through our times of great victory and seasons of our greatest challenges, Staci stood faithfully with my wife and I. The wisdom she possesses continues to serve as a reliable source of mentoring, teaching and confirming in us the divine role and purpose we have in the marketplace.  We will treasure her friendship for life.   We thank God every day for her life, her purpose, and for the access, we have to her as a coach, friend, and gift from above."    - R.G., Entrepreneur

"Owning our own businesses has always been a way of life for my husband and I. Through Staci's coaching program and corporate solutions, she has shared business ideas and even products that have enabled us to create a new model of duplication for others.  Staci Wallace brings to the table a powerful coaching method that has allowed change to happen not only to us, but through us, in a way we can then pass it on to future generations."     - K.I., Retail Business Owner 

"I left home at the age of 13 and never had anyone teach me about money or how to manage it. Recently, our finances were so bad we had to give our vehicles back involuntary repossession. Then I attended Staci's Smart Money Workshop in Hot Springs, AR. and signed up to receive coaching specifically in that area.  The concepts were so simple that it was like a lightbulb went off as I listened. During one of the homework sessions I found close to $1500. of wasted money that we are "bleeding" each month. I thank God for Smart Money and Staci Wallace."    - C.D., Massage Therapist


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