Larry and Staci Wallace have lived a "Blessed Life" of God's favor, abundance, and success in business, family, health, and freedom.  With over 30 years of leadership in corporate America, they have helped raise start-up companies into the hundreds of millions. They've also spent over 15 years in ministry leadership and missions work, seeing thousands of souls save, lives healed and families restored. Despite their business and ministry success, however, it is their 23 years of marriage and two God-fearing young adults that speak most to the "fruit of their labor".  

Larry and Staci have a unique ability to help leaders and companies create new business ideas, dynamic growth strategies, maximize team productivity, and launch new start-ups brands that hit today's "felt need" in the marketplace. They provide both spiritual and business oversight and consulting support to individual leaders and businesses. Larry and Staci are very selective with the individuals and organizations they consult.  To be considered for one of the below areas of consultation, please fill out an application and you will receive a free 30-minute consultation to determine if their services are a fit for your personal or business needs.

  • PRIVATE CONSULTING:​ Do you have a business or idea that you feel called to birth or create but you need wise counsel to make it happen? Does your family need a major shift in order to maintain solidarity and unity? Perhaps you've dreamed about launching a new brand or write a book that is long overdue but you don't know where to start. Larry and Staci Wallace have over 30 years of success in utilizing their proprietary coaching methods to help you get the results you need to build a life and business you love. If you have the desire to shift from where you are and step into the life God intended you to live, then private consulting could be best for you.
  • 1-HOUR ONE-ON-ONE: Private consulting is the best way to get 1x1 support that directly impacts every area of your life, including your finances, fitness, faith, family, business, and freedom. With private consulting, you will meet with Larry or Staci once a month by phone or ZOOM for a 1-hour session. 
  • 30-MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE: In addition to the one-hour session, you will receive one 30-minute coaching call per month to keep track of your personal goals, business development, and monthly objectives. 
  • MASTERY TRAINING:  After month three, you will be given access to Staci's "Write Like A Pro" Mastery Training Class.  Once you access the training, you own it for life.  ($497 value per training)
  • SAVINGS:  25% Discount on future products, groups, and events
$500 / Month
6-month minimum contract required.
  • MASTERMIND CONSULTING:​ INVEST IN YOUR TEAM TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY. Group consulting is a powerful way to give your team the tools they need to operate at peak performance. With a minimum of 4 other participants, Larry and Staci will meet monthly with your team to offer a LIVE (2hr) Group Mastermind Session. This is also a dynamic way Larry and Staci work with executive teams, families going through a transition, as well as ministry teams in need of greater unity and productivity.  Mastermind Consulting is for anyone looking for next-level business consulting, family consulting, speaker's training, book writing advice, and collaboration for their business, family, and life. ($1500 pp value) 
  • 30-MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE: In addition to the two-hour mastermind session, each participant will receive one 30-minute coaching call per month with either Larry or Staci Wallace to keep track of your personal goals, business development, and monthly objectives. 
  • MASTERY TRAINING: Monthly access to Staci's "Write Like A Pro" Mastery Training Class.  Once you access the training, you own it for life.  ($497 value per training)
  • SAVINGS:  25% Discount on future products, groups, and events
$500 per person per month

VIP Consulting is a full-immersion experience, where you will spend an entire day with Staci or Larry Wallace extracting new ideas, white-boarding future plans, identifying areas of weakness, and creating business/life strategies that elevate your future results.  This is a time of strategic focus on the areas where you and your team most need support.  

For corporate strategy sessions, Larry and Staci work together to map out your business plan, brand strategy, and online marketing platforms, while identifying critical roadblocks and limiting behaviors that may be sabotaging next level success.

For personal or family consultations, this time will be 100% focused on YOU, your core values, timeline assessment, pressure points, stress indicators, and other areas of behavioral transition needed to shift you into a new season of peace, abundance and your ultimate purpose.

Upon enrollment, you will be sent a discovery audit to determine the area of most critical need in your business, family or personal goals.

You will receive one (1) brief follow-up call with Larry or Staci 30 to 45 days following your VIP Strategy Session to measure results and follow-up on key performance indicators.

Lunch is included. LIVE VIP Days take place in Frisco, TX and you are responsible for your transportation and lodging. If you would like this session to take place in your hometown or another location, all flights and travel expenses must be covered.

If you live outside of the United States or are unable to Travel, this session can take place in segments via Zoom Video Conferencing.

By Application Only
*Many VIP clients choose to also follow up with the Mastermind Consulting for ongoing accountability and leadership alignment.

The Warrior Vortex (aka: Unstoppable Leadership Summit) is an epic 5-day, FULL IMMERSION experience with Larry and Staci Wallace that is designed to tear down the limitations that are sabotaging your business, family or life. This is an in-depth group experience that requires a minimum of 5 participants and maximum of 25 participants per event.  Each participant will experience the full SHIFT HAPPENS LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM, goal setting intensives, addiction breakthrough, team building exercises, emotional intelligence workshops, and 30 days of PRE-EVENT preparation challenges to set you up for maximum success.

This is NOT a program for tire-kickers "hoping" for a better life. Larry and Staci only accept fiercely committed leaders or organizations with a sincere passion to become spiritual and professional catalysts of change in their families, workplace and communities.
For more information, fill out the application and one of our Vortex Leaders will call you for a private consultation.
(5 person group minimum)

"You will never be the same after you encounter the WARRIOR VORTEX. It's like a mix between, HELL WEEK, HOLY WEEK and the ultimate GOALS program that helps you identify your weakness, clarify your strengths and SHIFT your behaviors into greater and lasting results, mentally, physically, professionally and spiritually. Whether you engage personally or with a corporate team.....Expect to be changed!"    - Larry Wallace 
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • One - 2 hour Group Mastermind Session
  • One - 30 minute Weekly Coaching Call
  • Write Like A Pro Mastery Class
  • Podcast and Blog Feature
  • 25% Savings on Future Products
Full-day Private Experience
  • Exclusive SHIFT HAPPENS Audit
  • White Board Strategy Sessions
  • Personal Needs Analysis
  • Online Marketing Creation
  • Brand Strategy Development
Per Person (5 participant minimum)
  • Team Development Exercises
  • Goal Setting
  • Freedom (F5) Consulting
  • Low & High Ropes Course
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