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Hi Everyone!  I am deeply honored that you have taken time to visit my site and learn more about the sincere passion I have to raise up, equip and empower leaders worth following in the marketplace. For over 30 years, I have been blessed to work with some of the most brilliant minds and colloaborate to see companies and leaders move from success to significance. Whle I love the professional work I do with clients who are seeking corporate or personal consulting, my greatest joy comes when I advocate for those in need. I love seeing people set free from destructive behaviors, addiction, domestic violence, and other forms of bondage and abuse that sabotage one's destiny, family, and purpose.  As you read my full story, you will discover that I, too, am a product of the miraculous. My own story of moving from success to significance has prepared me to be a force of change for the individuals and organizations I am blessed to reach. click here!
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EMwomen (EMpowering Women)

EMwomen is a 501 (c)3 faith-based organization that advocates for women and girls in need and those searching for the life-skills necessary to step into a life of freedom . By providing faith-based programs, skillset training, online workshops, bible studies, connect groups, and family enrichment, we are offering LASTING change in the lives of many.
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