Live a life of freedom and Spiritual authority as you unleash your God-given purpose in your family, business and life!
Watch, listen and learn as Staci teaches you how to unleash and fulfill God’s plan for your life.
Listen as Staci walks you through each day’s study and helps you see even beyond what’s written!
Inside the book are your study guides and chapter reviews to help deepen your study!

Since the beginning of time, man has struggled with the questions, "Who am I?"  "Why am I here?"  "What is my purpose?"

The truth is that even before the foundations of the earth, God had a plan uniquely designed for YOU.  YOU were created on purpose, with a purpose and that purpose does NOT have to remain a mystery anymore.

MISSION POSSIBLE is more than a book or study.  It is an in-depth, 10-week, life mastery course designed to help you KNOW GOD and dig deep into your behaviors, modalities, emotions and daily habits to see what it is that has been holding you back from UNLEASHING your fullest potential in the marketplace and world around you.

You will be able to choose between a 10-week study course or a 28-day full immersion experience where you navigate through four missions, 10 video modules, 28 audio lessons and daily challenges.  Both paths will take you on a journey through scripture that awakens you to the greatness of YOU so that you can break free from soul ties, limiting behaviors, destructive habits and discover God's unique plan for your life.

You will discover your own life and business in scripture and begin to see that every part of your design, your personality, your history, your failures, your successes, and your desires all have a purpose in positioning you to be a world changer and history maker to the world around you.  Nothing about you is an accident.  God has been molding you, protecting you and preparing you FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

If you are bound and determined to stay where you are and live a life of apathy, suffering, anxiety, sin, and frustration, THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR YOU.  However, if you are ready to accept the mission of connecting the dots of your history so that you can unleash your destiny in the world, then let's get started.  LAUNCH YOUR MISSION TODAY!

Your friend and mission leader,
Staci Wallace
Staci is a Kingdom Entrepreneur and business strategist helping build 6, 7, and 8 figure CEO's who have a passion to build a purpose-driven, FAITH-BASED, and highly profitable life and business they love.  

Staci has helped build companies into the hundreds of millions and has built sales teams into the hundreds of thousands through her unique 1% Method of Micro Progress and the principles taught in Mission Possible and her Fueled by Fire Book and Mastery Program.  She has shared the stage with five U.S. Presidents, is the author of 8 best-selling books and is the host of The Comeback Podcast.
Discover Your Potential

God is the "Power Source" of all creation and He's pursuing you to have a personal relationship with you. His plan and purpose for your life does not have to be a mystery but you can know and unleash God's plan for your life and become a marketplace leader who walks in wisdom, freedom and authority.  
Take Authority Over The Enemy

Although God has a plan for your life, so does the enemy.  He comes to kill, steal and destroy your effectiveness in the marketplace.  However, when your give Jesus the role as Commander in Chief, He steps in to help you overthrow the enemy's power over your family, finances, relationships and every area of life.
Become Bold & Courageous

Warrior is a choice…It’s not a title, position or rank you achieve in life.  Instead, to be a warrior means you have identified and accepted your divine purpose and have chosen to do whatever is necessary in becoming the BEST version of YOU for God, your family and the generations of those who will follow.
Break Free From Bondage

Step out of your past hurts, failures and rejection and launch into the plan God has for your life.  In less than one month, you will learn how to BREAK FREE from failures, disappointments and past problems  and turn them into valuable weapons that empower you to unleash God's greatness in the marketplace.
Know God's Voice

Your number one enemy is NOT people, places or things around you.  Instead, it is the voice of the enemy within you that comesto kill God's purpose for your life.  In this study, you will learn how to silence the voices of darkness and recognize the omnipotent voice of God, which is the most powerful weapon on earth.
Recognize The Holy Spirit IN YOU

Ego is the root of all suffering.  The Holy Spirit IN YOU is the root of all peace.  Being able to know the power and fruit of the Holy Spirit gives you a clear advantage in taking authroity over every weapon that comes against you and your family.  Living a Spirit-led life is KEY to operating in your fullest potential.
Experience Divine Health

When you discover the power behind the earthsuit God has given you, it will become glaringly obvious why you must make daily choices to strengthen your body so that you can accomplish ALL God has destined for you.  Learn key lessons on taking care of your body and strengthening it with detoxification, exercise and nutritional intake.
Alignment Precedes Assignment

The "who's" you are aligned with are even more important than the "what's" you will seek to accomplish.  Show me a man's friends and I will show you his future,  Discover why the alignments in your life could be keeping you "off assignment" and how to surround yourself with the right people at the right time so the right things can happen.
Ready for Active Duty & Deployment

By the final mission of this study, you will know the answer to WHO am I, WHY am I here and WHAT is my purpose?  You will be FREE from the chains that have held you in bondage and you will be educated, equippd and empowered by the Holy Spirit to UNLEASH your fullest potential on the the world around you.
  • ​10 Video Lessons 
  • ​28 Audio Teachings 
  • ​4 Mission Reviews
  • ​Mission Possible Book with Curriculum
  • ​FREE Access to Warrior Reload
$1,500 /one time
    Individual Study
    Kick off the morning with a cup of java and a time of deep connection with the Holy Spirit.  When you start the day with a God-focus, you will operate with a sense of clarity and courage like never before.  Much like taking time in the General's tent of an army, your morning devotions can act as a time of planning with your creator, giving you a clear perspective of what needs to be conquered that day.  The online video lessons, daily audio teachings, and curriculum will make your Mission Possible simple to follow.
    Group Study
    Perhaps the MOST POWERFUL way to experience Mission Possible is to take it with a small group of others who are passionately pursuing God's BEST for their lives.  The 10-week process is a powerful way to grow deeper in your faith while having a group of other hungry participants there to hold you accountable to your Mission.  This type of group study also finds the Dream Board Process most exciting as everyone is visioneering together to fulfill God's BEST for their lives.  The videos and audios help fascilitators each week and make it simple for ANYONE to step up and lead a group.
    Couples Challenge
    Want a great study to take with your spouse or a best friend?  Mission Possible helps couples and friends hit the reset button and start building on firm foundations of core values, life purpose, and intentional leadership.  In 28 days, you will know each other's spiritual gifts, goals, strengths, and weaknesses so that you can help one another fulfill the powerful destiny that lies before you.
    Corporate Happy Hour
    Lead a team of co-workers through a lunch-hour or end of day study that allows for team impact.  This is a great way to leave your mark on the world around you and expand beyond your own growth and development.  Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”  This is the power of a "lunch and learn" led by YOU.  Let the videos provide the lessons and you simply facilitate the discussions with your co-workers.
    "UNLEASHED" Graduation Ceremony & Deployment
    Week 10 culminates in a powerful "UNLEASHED" ceremony that every member is encouraged to attend, bring family members and celebrate the goodness of what God has done in their lives.  The UNLEASHED ceremony includes a time of impartation by pastors or key leaders that focuses on the DEPLOYMENT of each participant's life and leadership in the marketplace.  Dream boards can be shared the goal of the ceremony is to celebrate, commission and deploy each participant for "ACTIVE DUTY" and into their new life of freedom and authority.
    Fully Device Responsive
    This course has been created to work beautifully on computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. Enjoy your Bible study no matter where you are or what device you have access to.  
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