"When you conquer the voices in your head, 
you can dominate the circumstances in your life!"
- Staci Wallace
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Please let me introduce myself:

They call me a Marketplace Missionary.  New term...old concept.  As a businesswoman, author and keynote speaker, I am passionate about helping leaders and companies increase territory and scale massive vision.  It's more than a career....IT'S MY CALLING.  As a minister, life coach and founder of EMwomen (Empowering Women), I have spent most of my life saying "YES" to God and boldly being His hands and feet to the world around me.  That has resulted in massive business successes, remarkable life-transformations and notable physical miracles in the lives of many.

Jesus was a carpenter before they called him "Rabbi".  have been blessed to spend the past 15 years in executive corporate leadership, raising up marketing teams into the hundreds of thousands and scaling companies into the hundreds of millions.  I've shared the stage with five U.S. Presidents and some of the world's most notable leaders and communicators.  Truly, I have been blessed beyond measure. But despite the grind and climb of the proverbial ladder of success, I have consistently hungered for more than profits and popularity.  I long to be a catalyst of change in the lives of others, inspiring hope, help, healing and a hunger for the truth of God's Word.  

Growing up, I was a preacher's kid and the granddaughter of a great missionary leader. I was taught to sing with passion, pray with boldness, believe in the miraculous, love fiercely and fight for the human rights of others. The miracles I have seen during my lifetime, both corporately and in ministry, have convinced me that God is real and He is still doing miracles in the marketplace today.  
Prior to my 15 years of success in corporate America, I spent 15 years in full-time ministry, traveling around the world, singing, speaking and seeing the miraculous hand of God at work in the lives of hurting people everywhere. God has uniquely blessed me, along with my husband, Larry, to carry a King/Priest anointing that allows us to use our corporate leadership knowledge and blend it with relevant biblical truths to help raise up a new generation of God-fearing leaders today.  

Now is the time for a great awakening to emerge in the marketplace like never before. God is calling business mavericks, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, parents, influencers, philanthropists and politicians of our generation, to be "UNLEASHED and Anointed For Business."
On a personal note....
I married the man of my dreams 21 years ago and we are raising two powerful marketplace warriors, Payton and Alexia, who love God and are called to reach their generation in a unique and powerful way. 

I fish. I hunt. I am a former black-belt in Karate and a fierce competitor in basketball and tennis. God has used those crazy characteristics to give me a bold tenacity that yielded my nickname: WARRIOR QUEEN.  

I fight for the hurting. I touch the untouchable. I love the unlovable. I advocate for human rights and boldly profess my dependency on the Holy Spirit in all things. My testimony is that of great miracles that doctors have deemed "impossible". But it is the very battles God has empowered me to win, that have fueled my passion to be a voice of hope and healing to this generation. I have won big victories and I have lost many battles. But to win in life, I know....


Zig Ziglar - Author/Speaker

​"Staci Wallace gives you a strategic game plan with clear instructions as to how you can capture, enjoy and benefit from God's purpose for your life.  Staci will enable you to understand and believe that God can and will make something marvelous out of your life while giving you strategies on how to get there."   www.zigziglar.com
Zig Ziglar
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